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Google Ads Management Services for SaaS Businesses

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We do Google Ads Management Services. Me and my team, we’ve been managing Google Ads accounts for our customer since 2010 in the B2B SaaS niche only

google ads management services

Fixed Price Projects

We don’t charge percentages of ad spend, we only work on fixed prices. Our aim it’s your success. If you have success, you’re more likely to stick around for years (our record so far it’s 9 years).

google ads management services

Receive on time

Our team accepts as many customers as we can handle. We do that to ensure your work it’s done in a timely manner, without weeks of delays, so you’ll get faster to a performing GoogleAds account.

google ads management services

Fast work turnaround

Given our combined extensive experience, what you’ll typically learn in months of money wasted in GoogleAds with a regular agency, we already know, and you’ll avoid that point.

google ads management services

GoogleAds Management

For B2B and/or SaaS businesses only. This is ideal for B2B SaaS companies wanting to outsource entirely (or partially, depending on what their internal team can provide) their GoogleAds account(s) management to a professional in the niche

GoogleAds Account Audit

Done on a monthly basis, we do the audit, identify errors, create a list on how to fix them. But you’ll do the actual work. This is ideal for companies having a junior or mid level GoogleAds person. Companies that needs expert guidance, and not willing to pay for the full services.

google ads management services
google ads management services

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Complementary to a healthy Google Ads account, lays the path of the visitor, in his journey from a Google Search to booking a call / submitting a form on your website. The less steps they have to take, the more likely they are to convert. A healthy Google Ads account can bring you a lot of traffic. But you don’t get paid from having traffic. You need customers. Why not make it easier for the visitors to turn into customers ?

This is how customers speak about us

google ads management services

My name is Sat Sindhar and over the space of 20 years I’ve been proud to be associated with the fastest growing HR software brands in the UK SME space.

Our team started People HR in June 2013 with zero customers, around a kitchen table. By 2019 when we were acquired by the Access Group we had over 6,000 customers with £15MGBP ARR.

I’m immensely proud of the team I worked with at People HR and Andrei was one the key members of my team overseeing our paid for search digital marketing campaigns that supplied our sales team with the leads they needed to reach their targets.

I would highly recommend Andrei to any SaaS based B2B software company, he really does understand the whole customer acquisition process and how pay per click advertising can help drive real results.

SAT SINDHAR Former MD of PeopleHR

google ads management services

It’s hard to find good GoogleAds consultants, especially one that is deep in B2B SaaS, like Andrei.

Andrei expertly filled that role Avangate, a top player in the SaaS payments industry, for me when I was CMO. Andrei stepped up to handle the variety of situations as we doubled in size, and we had to reinvent ourselves as we transitioned from product led to add enterprise sales. Andrei always he found creative solutions he packaged so we could make fast decisions. I still miss his colorful reports every month!

As an outside contractor, whether working as a team member or a leader helping you digitally grow, I would recommend Andrei.

MICHAEL NI Chief Growth Officer at Coveo and

Pricing adapted to your needs.

No percentage of ad spend.

Audit and Fixes
from € 500
Ideal for Smaller Campaigns and lower budget companies
We audit, find issues, and tell you what to do to solve them.
We audit the account, look for issues that stops you from performing
We go through the search terms and suggest negative keywords to add to your campaigns
We create a list of Landing Pages improvements
All comes in a report that contains: what issues we found, and how to fix them, plus observations and recommendations
You (or someone in your team) will have to apply the changes.
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Conversion Rate Optimisation
from € 5.000
Ideal for companies already running ads and/or driving enough traffic, but wants to improve conversions and sales
Or how to Level Up any of the other two packages, and your monthly revenue, by finding ways to sell more to the same cohort.
We have people trained with top CRO companies in the world (the kind that does CRO for Google or Amazon)
We use tools that we pay for, and a large base of “end-user-like” teams to analyse and report on around 500 points, regarding your website’s end user experience, ease of use, and many others, prior to any other action
Usually, after 3 months of analysis and changes, your conversions will lift in an easily visible percentage.
The process it’s complex and it usually involves 6 people on our side, on average
So far, our conversions growth with this process was 183% per year on average, but quality of the conversion increased by 364%.
This process maps your entire lead path, from visit to post-sale. And it gives you solutions to make 110% of each step.
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Let’s check your Google Ads account.

It can bring back more money than you’re investing into it

That’s what we do for a living.