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Can’t decide where to advertise your B2B SaaS business?

These days, it’s pretty hard to choose the right advertising channel. I mean, you have a budget, where would you spend it to get those leads in? Which platform would give you the most, and cost effective leads? A while ago, there was just Google Adwords, then some others tried to catch up.

A lot of people these days are supporting FacebookAds, Instagram Ads (quite the same thing), TikTok ads, Twitter Ads, with the explanations that even in B2B, there are people working there, and people spend time on Facebook. Also, others are supporting them because they have a friend with an eCommerce business, and those worked well for them. Need I say again why it’s so different between B2B and B2C? No, but if you want to know, check out this previous post

Other people support LinkedIn Ads, well, because “it’s B2B”. It is indeed, but let me know which is the latest success story you’ve heard of, regarding a Linkedin Ads campaign? 

The issue is, all these people are wrong at one core thing: categorizing !!! 

While they say “X” person spend time there or there, or just try to figure that out, the truth it’s in a different direction. 

They should categorize based on how the experience is, for the visitor, not on where you can target something based on a criteria, or what’s the audience size in a certain platform, and other various bad ideas like the above. Picture this:

Category 1 – Display Networks Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Linkedin, etc

What they say: You have many targeting options, you can define a tight audience, and advertise to those people. 

Why they say that: It worked for a friend of mine, he has an eCommerce business.

What actually happens: You place an ad in front of a very targeted audience, that may or may not have buying intent. You have no idea on that. There is no “buying intent” targeting criteria. 

Why you should use it: It can work very well as a support channel, to do remarketing for example, IF the cost it’s acceptable. 

 Category 2 – Search Networks : GoogleAds Search, BingAds Search

What they say: It’s expensive, a lot of incoming bad traffic, it’s not working how they say it should.

Why they say that: Poorly optimized campaigns, with the mindset to get a lot of traffic, not the relevant traffic. 

What actually happens:  If done right by a pro, if the GoogleAds search campaign it’s optimized daily at first, it’ll attract the people with the buying intent. People with a problem/issue, are SEARCHING for a solution to their problem, and if your product it’s the answer, it’s really a no-brainer

Why you should use it: because it brings in the most relevant people, the ones that are really close to the buying point. They have a problem, you offer a solution. Isn’t that your ideal customer? 

So, I hope my little article helps a bit in defining the way you think about ad platforms. All the methods above have been tested by me in the past 12 years, and what I wrote above, it’s based on the experiences I’ve had. It may be different for you, you may kick it with Facebook Ads, and not using at all GoogleAds, good for you in that case. But, if you care, would you share a bit of your experience?

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