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For how long should you test changes you make to your Google Ads account before changing it again

A lot of GoogleAds managers are doing changes after changes. It’s the essence of progressing with this tool, in the end. 

Who’s not testing, will never progress, especially in the B2B SaaS very competitive marketplace. You always have to test new ads, new landing pages.  A lot of them are failing. A quite big amount of them is also having great success. Each of these results conducting then to a new test, on and on, for years. If you don’t test, you’ll fail. That is the reason in a nutshell. 

Why did I even think of this?

In my experience of 13+ years of doing GoogleAds for B2B SaaS businesses, I have faced many decision factors in those B2B SaaS businesses. Some with little knowledge of GoogleAds, others with quite extensive knowledge, but lack of time to do it themselves. 

One thing I noticed, for both of the parties above. Everyone rushed to do changes. Then, rushed to analyse changes they did. 

Among top questions I’ve been asked while doing GoogleAds A/B testing, was: For how long should you test the changes, in order to decide the test is done, analyse performance, and a new test should be set up? 

So, for how long should you test your changes?

As a general note, I’d suggest at least 30 days. But given that every business is unique, so are GoogleAds budgets, amount and size of campaigns, so there is no real one-accurate-answer for all the accounts. 

The reasoning is, your test should have enough traffic to become relevant in statistics. Because if you get 10 clicks per month in total on your test, that can’t be considered as an informed decision of changing anything. I’d rather test that campaign for 3 months or more, or at least to get 100 clicks in total, and even so, I won’t consider it 100% accurate.  

Long story short

So long story short, if you want to have successful A/B tests in GoogleAds for the B2B SaaS niche, try this:

  • – First chose one metric that you want to test for, but always consider the others (i.e. test for conversions, but also take a look at cost per conversion, bounce rates, time spent on page, etc)
  • – Then, define the test and start running it
  • – Check it every few days, but don’t change anything, just observe where is it going (an ad that performed better in the first 3 days, may be actually the loser at the end of a 1 or 2 months test)
  • – When you get at least 100 clicks (if you can get 1000 clicks within a month on your test, that would be closer to perfection), then analyse, and see what happened to the one metric you’ve created the test for. 

As a closing line, pace yourself when wanting to make changes in GoogleAds, if you work for the B2B SaaS industry. 

So, for how long  do you test your changes?

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