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Why (and how) to generate leads with Google Ads for B2B SaaS

If you run a B2B SaaS business, and are not backed up by some venture capital company, you most likely have one need: leads, incoming leads all the time, you need daily, weekly, monthly, yearly leads.

Once, a B2B SaaS business owner told me “Andrei, if the leads are not coming in for a month, we close the business.” Sales people need to have their pipeline full all the time, just like a baker needs flour all the time. WIthout leads, they don’t have who to sell to. For a B2B SaaS business, leads are crucial, and should be the target metric to follow. 

Why to generate leads with GoogleAds for B2B SaaS businesses? 

Well, because on GoogleAds search, people have intent. They have a pain, and if your product it’s solving it, they can become a lead. I mean, they are already searching for the solution, and you have it. 

Unlike Social Media channels, where you serve ads in front of someone based on their preferences, affinity, in-market, and so on, on Search, they do what the service says: they search. They search and if you target and set the campaigns right, they will see your ad, with the solution that’s solving their pain point. 

How to generate leads with GoogleAds for B2B SaaS businesses?

That, in theory, it’s a hard and long topic. But, I’ll share with you a bit of how I do this.

In the B2B SaaS niche, you can’t perform with GoogleAds if you don’t understand the business. In here, at least in the first months, I have regular calls with the business owners / managing directors, because they know their business better than I do, and I know this “generating leads for B2B SaaS with GoogleAds” game better than they do. I even have a template for that, the business owners/managing directors are filling in at start, so it’ll help me identify a lot of things, fast.

Then, based on the template above, I start analysing the target market, the pain points, the benefits of the B2B SaaS product, which pain points it can solve, and which ones it can’t. 

The next point I’d name in here, it’s setting real, achievable goals, with the MD/Business Owner.

After that, I start the actual work on GoogleAds. Creating campaigns to respond to those pain points.

So, let’s summarise: 

  • Get to know the business as much as possible, and/or collaborate A LOT with the people that knows the inside/outs of that business
  • Set clear goals, like an average of leads per week, at a certain cost. You may not (and probably won’t) get there from the start, but:
  • You’ll optimise daily, test, test review and test some more. My own quote (at least I believe so) it’s “without testing, it’s just guessing”
  • Then, grow, scale, how you want to call it. Once your initial campaigns are working, you can create new ones, maybe with new goals.

Why did I write all these?

I have generated for my customers in the past 12 months, a total of 28,617 leads, at an average cost of 75$ per lead. And I never have more than 10 customers at once.

Those 28,617 leads are valid leads, that booked demos with sales people. A big chunk of that, became customers.

Did you know that the lead generation market size, in the B2B SaaS sector, it’s estimated at 3.103.800.000 $ in the past 12 months? Yes. 3 BILLION. And it’s estimated to triple by 2028.

Simple math exercise, if you say an average cost per lead of 200$, that means 15.519.000 leads. 15 million. But, my average cost per lead was 75$ in the past 12 months, so that’s 41.384.000. 41 million of leads, waiting for you. Well, not all of them, but even 0.1% of that, means 4138.4 leads.

Would you like 4000 valid leads per year? This may mean more than 2000 customers per year. Most B2B SaaS businesses don’t have that.

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